Hi and welcome to my webpage. First I want to ask how are you? How are you feeling today? I’m absolutely great nowadays, but this wasn’t always the case. If you want to know how I got here I can share a part of my story with you.

I was born in 1987 as my mum’s firstborn and the oldest child of a come to be blended family. Even as a kid I liked to get immersed in my own world and games where anything was possible. My days were filled with different kinds of dreams and stories that I told forward. So I spoke all the time when I wasn’t on an adventure in my own imagination. In my dreamworld I chose mostly to be a princess, a mermaid or a fairy.



When I was a child I didn’t dream of this kind of job, I rather hoped to be a ski-jumper, formula driver, tightrope walker, singer, actor, supermodel, hotel manager etc. When you think retrospectively I have always aimed high.

At school I was a good student when the matter interested me. I searched hours and hours for information on topics and told about them enthusiastically when I was allowed to pick the subject. On the other hand if the topic didn’t interest me, it went through my head without leaving a mark and without taking up space from anything actually intriguing. When I’m writing this my daugther is in the first grade and just yesterday I talked with her about maths, which I hear is stupid. I told her how hard I thought multiplication was but I had decided to succeed. I studied every day for as long as I needed until I had learned all multiplication tables from 1-10 by heart. 8x7 was the hardest until it became the easiest. It’s funny how you can learn things when you really want to and you’re focused.



Towards the end of 6th grade my interest in school started to decline and my grades went down. From a straight 10 girl an another side started to show. Through grades seven to nine I crawled amidst all kinds of problems and the world seemed very gloomy at the time. The only positive thing was playing basketball and the trips to competitions. For some reason though  wasn’t too good at it and along the way I got an eating disorder, causing me to almost get banned from playing. You could say that ward and hospitalisation were about half a kilo away but the story got a different ending. Maybe because I didn’t want to give up the only thing that brought joy to my life. I got through 9th grade in time, even if my grades had dropped closer to a 6 and it was time to think ”where to now”. I ended up on a combined school of household management and 10th grade in Tuusula. Something in my attitude changed at that point. I didn’t hide in the back seat anymore and I didn’t try to make my self invisible, but introduced myself with a voice so audible it surprised me. It was like a new start for me. The year went well, the way of teaching was fitting for me and I got new drive in my life. In my report my grades went up to 8. I had found a completely new side to me and I decided to apply to high school and get myself good papers from there.

Something happened in the first meters of my newfound enthusiasm with education. For long I had wanted to move out of home and when I turned 17 I decided to act on it. My dad whom I had never known had died a few year earlier and left me a small amount of money as inheritance. With that money I packed my bags and moved in to a student flat. That didn’t go all according to plans and second year of high school I dropped out when I ended up having too many non-attendances and at the tests my head felt so empty I returned many of them without answering any questions.

After quitting school I was wondering what to do now. I had job experience from newspaper delivery, telephone marketing, stall sales, pizzeria and strawberry picking. Oh yeah and that 10th grade report. I decided to find myself a job. I got a job in a cafe that I enjoyed quite a bit. For some reason or another that didn’t last and I was let go on my trial period. On that day I cried a river and thought that nothing is ever going to work for me, everything is going wrong. A bit later I got a new job as a daycare substitute teacher and not long after I got hired at a new large service station that opened in my home town. My days were filled with work, gym and partying. Yet I was pretty depressed at times, it felt like my life had no colours or a meaning. I was happy for the job but to be honest it was no dream job. Often especially when doing something unpleasant I thought to myself ”this can’t be true”. Why am I emptying a trash can or cleaning up a dishwasher when someone else drives to the parking lot in a nice car, smiles and grabs a take away coffee. Why are our lives so different?



In 2009 my life turned upside down when I gave birth to my daughter. A little surprise package who would teach me more about life than I could have ever believed. At the same time a sort of wheel of change started moving though I didn’t have a clue at the moment. Pieces were starting to fall into place and life begun to show it’s bright side.

I met people who introduced me to a family of products and a business that was to change everything. I listened to what they had to say and took the chance. I thougt that if with the cards I had been dealt in life I get this kind of opportunity to re-write my future, I will give it my all. I not only decided to see the cards but come out as a winner too, succeed like I succeeded earlier when I really put some effort in it.

So what has happened in these couple amazing years? I started using the products and fell in love with them. In a few days they went straight to my heart and I knew that even if I was not to succeed I would be using them til the rest of my days. The will to change my life was strong. I dreamed of the normal things; to go to the store and buy what ever I wanted to eat without counting pennies, to buy clothes that I liked rather than what was on sale and cheap. I still remember when before this change a man asked me what would I feel like if I could just go to the stores I shopped at and buy new clothes without even looking at the price tags. The thought ended up circling in my head as a distant dream.



What other dreams did I have? If I could move into a new apartment and decorate it with the kind of furniture I like, that it wouldn’t be a mess of leftovers and freebies from here and there. If I could go into a cafe when I want to and order exactly that specialty I crave for and just breathe. If I could go eat out and order what I want. If I didn’t have to think about money all the time, or more so the lack of it. If I could travel and see the world. I had been in a plane once in my younger years. I went to a language course in Malta with my inheritance and that trip really made it to my heart. For the past ten years I hadn’t had the chance to travel because I was not a part of the class that had money left over for such luxury. I was part of the people who had their bank account empty before the next pay and were left to think what to do now. Can I eat at my relatives, do I have recyclable bottles to return or money on my market membership card. Macaroni and ketchup got familiar in the day.


When I realised the opportunity I had been given I decided to make it big. When I heard what kind of life this job could offer I didn’t think for a minute this wasn’t for me. Good salary, car bonus, different bonus trips and educating trips and a pension program with a job where you can help others and increase their quality of life in so many ways. Not only by offering them high-class products for inner and outer wellbeing but also offering them a chance to prosper and fullfill their dreams by working with a team. It sounded incredibly good and I wanted it all.



The journey has been full of unforgettable moments, learning new things, all sorts of feelings, joy of changing my life and even greater joy when I can positively effect so many other lifes. When you see how others lifes get lit up with colour and the happiness of doing. When a persons eyes light up with enthusiasm or when you get a chat message saying thank you. When you see people find their own way down the road you’ve already walked and being able to follow them find all the great things they have waiting for them.

Now when I’m sitting in my home office in my dream home and writing this I can only thank myself for having the courage to try and go follow my dreams in a completely new way. Life has given me more than I could have ever believed and I know I have more good things to come. Thank you for letting me share a part my story. I hope you will achieve your goals and life will show you the best it can give.

If you want to talk with me more about my journey here and get in on reaching your dreams, I’m ready and willing to help you start. My goal within next years is to help as many people as possible all around the globe to find their inner, outer and financial wellbeing.